US Frame Factory Warranty and Limitations

US Frame Factory is responsible for damaged or incorrectly fulfilled material orders and will either replace or refund customers. All items featured are warrantied to be devoid of any manufacturing flaws in their materials and manufacturing. US Frame Factory excludes liability for damages due to the non-conformance or/and application of products.

This warranty is for the direct purchaser of material from US Frame Factory and not transferrable to a 3rd party. This warranty is the only one that applies to the product and replaces all other warranties that are not explicitly stated in this document. This includes warranties that might be implied by law or other means.

US Frame Factory disclaims any responsibility for any damages arising from the utilization of the provided details or specifications, or from improper product application or installation.

Technical Information Disclaimer

The information, specifications, and details presented on this website serve as a general reference for the utilization of products from US Frame Factory. These products should not be incorporated into design or construction projects without an independent assessment by a qualified engineer or architect to confirm their suitability for a particular application. US Frame Factory holds no responsibility for any failures that may occur due to the use or incorrect application of calculations, detailed drawings, or specifications provided here.

Also be noted this website a live document which is subject to change without prior notice.

US Frame Factory Metal Trusses outside Baltimore Maryland
US Frame Factory Metal Trusses outside Baltimore Maryland