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US Frame Factory seeks to provide an experience for its customers that is efficient, custom, and fast. In this article we will explain why those three things are so important to us.


We want you to buy as much steel as you need to finish a project. Don’t order any longer material than what you need, and we have it ready when you need it. We can do this because we are a manufacturer direct to customer. Let us stock coils to form your material instead of stock lengths of material. We wait until you order it to form the lengths that you need. Let us do your takeoffs for you. We don’t want to sell you any more material than you need. Extra material you buy typically goes to waste. That means more expenses either for you or for your customer. Steel takes a lot of energy to refine and produce, so throwing away any amount of steel is wasted energy. That being said, any of the punch outs or excess material from manufacturing is recycled in our factory and scrapped to be turned into more metal products.


Order custom length material or kits of material or panelized buildings. This allows you to save potential material waste and time on site. Imagine the waste and time saving on site if you don’t have to cut off material and pick it up and throw it away. We can cut material within a 1/16th of an inch. Furthermore, we can help you find engineers to design your project in cold-formed steel to be panelized in our factory or in a kit that you can assemble on site.


It is important to get materials on your job site when you need them. Since we are a manufacturer, we can schedule to have materials there when you need them. If we have the coil in stock, we can fulfill custom length orders in less than a week and sometimes even in less than three days. Our online portal offers the fastest service in the world. Pricing instantly with live lead times. Let us stock your coil sizes, and when you need material we will manufacture it on demand.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about how we are efficient, custom, and fast. Check out this article to learn more about our online ordering process.

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