Stud and Plywood Estimation Tool for Framers

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These are basic estimation calculators that require inputs such as wall length, wall height, and stud/joist spacing to give you outputs such as the number of studs needed and how much drywall and/or plywood you will need. While the calculations are simple, they are used in almost every material estimation project. This stud and plywood estimation tool is especially useful for framers. Although we primarily work with steel studs, this tool can be used for wood framing as well. Please note that this tool does not account for waste, so you may want to order a few extra studs or sheets of plywood.

Wall Stud Calculator

Stud Calculator

Enter the stud spacing, wall height, and wall length to calculate the number and length of studs needed:

Stud spacing (in inches):
Wall height (in feet):
Wall length (in feet):

Number of studs needed:

Length of studs needed (in feet):

Floor or Ceiling Joist Calculator

Floor Joist Calculator

Enter the joist spacing, room width, room length, and direction of the joists to calculate the number and length of floor joists needed:

Joist spacing (in inches):
Room width (in feet):
Room length (in feet):
Direction of joists: Lengthwise Widthwise

Number of joists needed:

Length of joists needed (in feet):

Plywood or drywall calculator

Plywood or Drywall Sheet area Calculator

Enter the wall height and length in feet:


Number of 4×8 drywall or plywood sheets needed:

How were these framing tools generated

These were generated using Open.Ai online text bot ChatGPT. The generated html code was mostly right I just tweaked a few things after using prompts such as “Generate a stud framing estimation tool in html with inputs of wall height, wall length, and stud spacing to give me a output of the number and total length of studs needed.”

Estimation Other tools for framing

If you’d like to get a rough estimate of a whole house using our collected data check out this page for our Steel Frame Residential Home Cost Calculator. If you want to get real time pricing on metal studs on any custom length head to our online quote portal.

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