Structural Metal Stud prices Louisiana/Texas June 2023

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Metal stud prices are falling fast. Our distributor sources say that metal could return to the two year January 2023 low in a month from now or even lower. It appears the world supply chains are adjusting and steel mills are gaining confidence to sell cheaper. The NYSE American Steel Index has been trending down, and at last contractors and see these drops reflected in their pricing. If you’re needing to do a large purchase maybe wait a few months until the market really bottoms out.

18 gauge (43 mil) Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-43$1.42
3 5/8″ Track362T200-43$1.42
6″ Stud600S162-43$1.84
6″ Track600T200-43$1.84
8″ Stud800S162-43$2.18
8″ Track800T200-43$2.18
10″ Stud1000S162-43$3.00
10″ Track1000T125-43$2.64
12″ Stud1200S162-43$3.42
12″ Track1200T125-43$3.06

16 gauge (54 mil) Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-54$1.71
3 5/8″ Track362T200-54$1.71
6″ Stud600S162-54$2.22
6″ Track600T200-54$2.22
8″ Stud800S162-54$2.64
8″ Track800T200-54$2.64
10″ Stud1000S162-54$3.77
10″ Track1000T125-54$3.31
12″ Stud1200S162-54$4.30
12″ Track1200T125-54$3.84

14 gauge (68 mil) Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-68$2.62
3 5/8″ Track362T200-68$2.54
6″ Stud600S162-68$3.41
6″ Track600T200-68$3.33
8″ Stud800S162-68$4.08
8″ Track800T200-68$4.00
10″ Stud1000S162-68$4.75
10″ Track1000T125-68$4.17
12″ Stud1200S162-68$5.41
12″ Track1200T125-68$4.83

Why the price drop after months of incrase?

Metal demand is expected to be affected by slower global activity and a recovery focused on services in China. The initial increase in metal prices earlier this year reflected positive expectations for a strong recovery in China and improved global growth prospects. However, this optimism waned in the first quarter of 2023 as China’s growth was primarily driven by consumer spending in the services sector, and this trend is anticipated to continue throughout the rest of the year. While China’s property sector is starting to stabilize, its recovery remains limited due to high levels of debt. Consistently high inflation, tight monetary policies, and concerns about credit limitations following recent banking sector stress in advanced economies are likely to suppress consumer demand.

Metal stud framing vs Traditional Wood Framing Costs

As of June 2023 a 2 in. x 6 in. x 20 ft pressure tread peace of structural wooden framing is about $20.00. While the equivalent 20′ x 18 ga stud is $36. Wood will cost you about 30% less even when using prefabricated lengths for material. Labor for metal framing is also likely 10-20% higher. Metal is very competitive with wood when used in a prefabricated sense using pre-assembled wall panels. We are capable of building a house under 100 a square foot. Overall though wood is still the cheaper upfront cost for construction when applicable. Wood is cheaper and easier to work with but susceptible to fire, rot, pests, warping and shrinking. While metal is straighter and more uniform, and resistant to rot, its more expensive and harder to work with.

FeatureWood FramingMetal Framing
CostLess expensiveMore expensive
StrengthLess strongStronger
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
Fire resistanceLess fire-resistantMore fire-resistant
Pest resistanceLess resistant to pestsMore resistant to pests
Moisture resistanceLess resistant to moistureMore resistant to moisture
InsulationBetter insulatorWorse insulator
Renewable resourceYesNo
PrefabricationNot typically prefabricatedCan be prefabricated
Speed of constructionCan be slower to constructCan be faster to construct
Skill level required for installationLess skilled labor requiredMore skilled labor required

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