Structural Metal Stud prices Louisiana/Texas July 2023

Structural Metal Stud prices Louisiana/Texas July 2023 Picture of a truck being loaded

Metal stud prices seem to have regained their January 2023 price point. I think its unlikely that they will fall more. They will probably start going up again gradually. The NYSE American steel index is fluctuating between 1,700 and 1,900.

US frame Factory metal stud pricing July 2023 South Texas, Louisiana, and Houston.

18 gauge (43 mil) Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-43$1.34
3 5/8″ Track362T200-43$1.34
6″ Stud600S162-43$1.76
6″ Track600T200-43$1.76
8″ Stud800S162-43$2.09
8″ Track800T200-43$2.09
10″ Stud1000S162-43$3.36
10″ Track1000T125-43$2.95
12″ Stud1200S162-43$3.83
12″ Track1200T125-43$3.42

16 gauge (54 mil) Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-54$1.71
3 5/8″ Track362T200-54$1.71
6″ Stud600S162-54$2.22
6″ Track600T200-54$2.22
8″ Stud800S162-54$2.64
8″ Track800T200-54$2.64
10″ Stud1000S162-54$3.77
10″ Track1000T125-54$3.31
12″ Stud1200S162-54$4.30
12″ Track1200T125-54$3.84

14 gauge (68 mil) Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-68$2.62
3 5/8″ Track362T200-68$2.54
6″ Stud600S162-68$3.41
6″ Track600T200-68$3.33
8″ Stud800S162-68$4.08
8″ Track800T200-68$4.00
10″ Stud1000S162-68$4.75
10″ Track1000T125-68$4.17
12″ Stud1200S162-68$5.41
12″ Track1200T125-68$4.83

What should your metal stud buying strategy be?

If you have large projects upcoming its probably a safe bet to purchase a lot of steel right now or workout a deal with your supplier to have them hold inventor for you. However, I’m always of the opinion if you have no projects on the horizon you shouldn’t hold any inventory. Running lean and just in time manufacturing is always a good idea.

Metal stud framing vs Traditional Wood Framing Costs

As of June 2023 a 2 in. x 6 in. x 20 ft pressure tread peace of structural wooden framing is about $20.48. While the equivalent 20′ x 18 ga stud is $26.8. So if you’re wanting a higher quality product now might be the time to come in and build a metal house. Wood will cost you about 30% less even when using prefabricated lengths for material. Labor for metal framing is also likely 10-20% higher. Metal is very competitive with wood when used in a prefabricated sense using pre-assembled wall panels. We are capable of building a house under 100 USD a square foot. Overall though wood is still the cheaper upfront cost for construction when applicable. Wood is cheaper and easier to work with but susceptible to fire, rot, pests, warping and shrinking. While metal is straighter and more uniform, and resistant to rot, its more expensive and harder to work with.

Metal stud kit Manufacturing

A metal stud kit erected in Florida in one day. Using a light gauge steel kit. Learn more about our residential kits here.

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