Stick Framing Metal Stud Roofs

There are a few options when it comes to framing a roof. A lot of builders choose to employ wood trusses. Steel trusses are another alternative, but we chose stick construction with traditional steel track and C-section material over both. However for the majority of simple roofs such as gable roofs or occasional hip roof — this is the most cost-effective option, and it also simplifies scheduling because we don’t have to coordinate our construction schedule with truss deliveries or crane availability. Lightweight and robust, steel has a wonderful consistency for walls, but it’s more noticeable in metal roof framing. Because metal stud rafters are perfectly straight, there’s no need to check for crown before cutting them. Steel studs are also less heavy and less difficult to work with than wood. The 16 to 20 gauge material we use for joist and rafter stock is remarkably tough.

Sizing the Metal Stud Rafters

Now typically we use 6″ 18 gauge studs, i.e 600S162-43, but you can also use 6″ 20 gauge studs in many cases also if you plan on covering the roof with plywood. If you’re concerned with strength go with 16 gauge.

Framing the Ridge

There are two methods to framing the ridge both shown below.
Method One: A peace of stud and track are joined and fastened with a screw at the top and the bottom 16″ o.c. Then a clip angle is added at each joining of the rafter. This method was used on the Winchester Drive build in New Orleans.

usframefactory Stick Framing Metal Stud Roofs
Ridge stud detail 1

In method two: One rafter’s flange is notched, and the two are lapped together and screwed together with six #10 self-tapping hex-head screws. The notched component of the rafter should be as short as feasible for maximum strength. Method two is typically easier to perform.

usframefactory Stick Framing Metal Stud Roofs
Ridge stud detail 2

Ting the rafter into the ceiling joists

Make sure you put the C section of the rafters back to back with the ceiling joists so you can easily tie them in. We use a clip to fasten the joists to the wall.

usframefactory Stick Framing Metal Stud Roofs

Framing the overhang

We use a ladder like structure structure to create an overhang, simple use 3′ long 600S162-43 “rungs” and run track between them. Or tie them into the rafter with an L clip.

Additional support

You can add support beams between each rafter to boost strength, see the image below. Also using 2 inch steel strapping is to join the roof rafters together can also boost strength.

USFrameFactory roofing projects

We are currently working on a pre-cut framing kit for a client in New Orleans, message if if you’d like all your roofing members sized and cut for easy on-site assembly and no onsite cutting.

usframefactory custom steel studs house project

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