Steel Frame Home Cost Calculator

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Curious how much a steel frame home costs to build using our kit technology? Use this handy calculator to find out! This calculator takes into account how many floors, the sqft, and gives an estimate for how much it will cost to build out of cold-formed steel. Want to learn more about home steel frame kits? Check out our page for kits.

This steel frame home cost calculator is for estimation purposes. If you think the number is too high, then please reach out to our sales team to figure out if your project is a good fit for metal studs. Metal studs are very versatile. There are many options that can be configured to optimize the design such as flange size and gauge and the overall engineering. On the flip side, particularly difficult designs may require you to go with hot rolled steel. That may significantly increase the cost of construction as it typically requires welding and more complex assembly.

Things that throw of the home cost calculator are large spans, complex roof geometry, and heavy loads.

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3 thoughts on “Steel Frame Home Cost Calculator”

  1. I’d be curious as to the performance in extremely humid conditions along the coast where the salt air can penetrate the building envelope and cause rust. It’s a no brainer with regards to termites and fire but is the jury still out on warping/twisting and other deflection in hot climates?

    1. Metal studs are all galvanized which means they are hot dipped in a zinc bath. The typical coating weight is G60, but a lot of our material is G90. I would need to double check, but I think G90 is approved for coastal areas. There is no warping/twisting in hot climates.

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