Steel Framing Kits

US Frame Factory is a one stop shop for metal stud framing kits, prefabricated panels, and trusses for commercial and residential projects. Check out our Steel Frame Residential Home Cost Calculator for a quick estimate.

Rethink Framing

US Frame Factory’s steel framing kits provide contractors and home owners a high quality and durable alternative to wood and stick framing. With computer-aided design, we manufacture custom, easy-to-assemble, panelized wall kits for homes, ADUs, Tiny Homes, Studios, and other applications. As a Louisiana based company, we understand the issues that builders and home owners face such as high humidity, hurricane winds, rot and termites. We seek to help residents of the Gulf Coast, South Texas, and Louisiana combat these issues by using galvanized, rust resistant steel and engineering buildings to withstand large wind loads.

Built to Last

Replacing traditional wooden frames with steel creates a sturdy, accurate, stable, and long-lasting building. Steel frames are significantly more versatile than typical lumber in terms of size and design. Some advantages include

Save money and time on labor with kits erected in a day.

CAD and machine production to 1/16″ tolerance

Fire, mold and rot resistant


No onsite waste and all factory waste is recycled

Straighter beams that never warp

Engineering to withstand hurricane winds


An assembled affordable housing kit in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process begins by importing computer-aided-drawing (CAD) design files into a automated steel roll former. The roll former shapes and cuts steel coils into the stud and track. As the material rolls through the machine, service holes and indentations are punched. Studs slot into place with track to create wall panels and trusses.

What does working with us look like?

We will look at your existing architectural drawings and give you a broad price range. Then for a small fee, we can draft them on AGACAD Revit software. Once a 3D model is made, we will give accurate price estimates and draft shop drawings for production. Cost is based on the amount of material/labor and is competitive with traditional construction.

Cost for Steel frame housing

Check out our Steel Frame Residential Home Cost Calculator for a quick estimate. Steel frame housing kits range between $15-$30 per sq ft. There are many variables such as roof style, desired wind-loads, cost of steel at the time, and number of stories. While more costly than wood initially you will make up for it in lower insurance rates and maintenance.

Wall Panel Shipment

We will stack your panels efficiently up to 15 levels and ship them to your location.

On-site Framing Kit Assembly

Onsite assembly is easy with minimal connections. Larger projects can be erected with just a Telescopic handler. With smaller projects, no heavy machinery is required. Most panels can be carried by two people. Kits can be assembled with simply just a drill and screws. Check out our guide for installing metal stud wall panels.



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