Precut Metal Studs Can Save Time, Money, And The Environment

Metal Stud Interior

There are no cons to using precut to length metal studs compared to the way the metal stud industry currently works. Unlike wood which comes from trees, metal studs come from coils which allows them to be virtually any length that can fit on a truck. Custom length metal studs can save up to 10% waist and reduce labor by up to 50%.

Why Use Custom Length Metal Studs?

US Frame Factory offers direct from manufacturer custom length metal studs precut to your desired length. We believe that a lot of time and money could be saved by offering precut material. Usually people order 10-15% more per project than is needed due to cutoff and waste. We’d like to see that number reduced to 1-2% for your projects. That means savings of 9-13%. That can mean a lot to your bottom line or winning a project. If you are missing a few pieces towards the end of a project, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a few more pieces.

Why Don’t Distributors Offer Custom Length?

Distributors do offer custom length, but it’s more of a hassle for them to offer custom length because they typically stock standard lengths in their yards. It would mean them ordering custom orders from large manufacturers who do massive production runs. Additionally, they lose money by selling you custom length shorter than a longer stock length, so there’s no incentive for them to do that either. We sell directly to our customer, so we can reduce the amount of communication to pull of custom length metal studs.

How to Order Custom Length Metal Studs?

Ordering custom length metal studs is as simple as going to our online ordering platform and entering in your custom lengths or reaching out to our sales team directly. Look at your drawings and determine wall heights and studs lengths. Once you know what you need, we will only charge you for as much steel as you order. We are not interested in selling you an extra few inches or a foot that will be cut off and thrown away.

Another way to order precut metal studs is to ask us to create metal stud kit for you. Once we have the drawings, we can generate high fidelity panel drawings that allow us to cut material exactly the way you need it.

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