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Metal Framing Wall Panels and Kits

US Frame Factory specializes in manufacturing metal framing panels and kits for Medical Buildings, Restaurants, Multi Family Housing, and Retail. Using Light-gauge steel to frame your building in less than half the time of traditional construction. We service southern states, specifically South Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

  • Save with 70% less onsite work and zero material waste.
  • Dry-in buildings in days with exterior wall panels.
  • 6 week lead time for kits after design is finalized.
  • Build up to 5 stories with just light gauge steel panels and kits.

This is an example of a custom shed by US Frame Factory. You can either order it as a flat packaged frame kit or as a pre-assembled wall panel kit. A 10’x20′ kit starts at $3750 before shipping.

An example of a high-end steel building with all light gauge steel structural members.

US Frame Factory can produce storefront kits like this that enable fast production of strip malls.

Have a commercial doctor’s or dentist office? US Frame Factory has a prefab solution for you. This is an example of a rural health medical clinic.

Ideal uses for kits or wall panels

  • Strip malls
  • Fast Food Franchises
  • High-end Retail and Restaurants
  • Multi-family building
  • Medical clinics
  • Exterior load baring walls
  • Interior Walls
  • Replacing wood studs

What does working with us look like?

We will look at your existing architectural drawings and give you a broad price range. Then for a small fee, we can draft them on AGACAD Revit software. Once a 3D model is made we will give accurate price estimates and draft shop drawings for production. Cost is based on the amount of material/labor and is competitive with traditional construction.

Manufacturing Process

CAD design files are imported into a automated steel roll former. The roll former shapes and cuts steel coils into the studs and track of your house. Service holes and indentations are punched. Studs slot into place with track to create wall panels and trusses.

Wall Panel Shipment

We will stack your panels efficiently up to 15 levels and ship them to your location.

transport of light gauge steel wall panels
Panels stacked for transport.

On-site Framing Kit Assembly

Onsite assembly is easy with minimal connections. Larger projects can be erected with just a Telescopic handler. With smaller projects, no heavy machinery is required. Most panels can be carried by two people. Kits can be assembled with simply just a drill and screws.

Service Areas

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi are our primary service areas, we are located in South Louisiana close to I-10. We have access to the gulf so shipping across by water is available. Efficient transport allows us to competitively price panels or kits to most Southern states.

area serviced by US Frame Factory light gauge steel deliveries.

Want to know the reasons to use steel over wood? Check out our FAQ.