Structural Metal Stud prices Louisiana/Texas May 2023

Structural Metal Stud prices Louisiana/Texas May 2023 Lafayette Louisiana

Metal stud prices continue to be volatile. Our distributers indicate there might be some mill deals coming up which could cause temporary price drops. The NYSE American Steel Index as a whole appears to be trending down, however its not certain as which point metal stud buyers will see these drops reflected in their pricing.

18 gauge structural metal stud prices per ft

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-43$1.56
3 5/8″ Track362T200-43$1.56
6″ Stud600S162-43$2.02
6″ Track600T200-43$2.02
8″ Stud800S162-43$2.39
8″ Track800T200-43$2.39
10″ Stud1000S162-43$3.40
10″ Track1000T125-43$2.99
12″ Stud1200S162-43$3.88
12″ Track1200T125-43$3.47

16 gauge structural metal stud prices per ft

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-54$1.85
3 5/8″ Track362T200-54$1.85
6″ Stud600S162-54$2.41
6″ Track600T200-54$2.41
8″ Stud800S162-54$2.86
8″ Track800T200-54$2.86
10″ Stud1000S162-54$4.27
10″ Track1000T125-54$3.75
12″ Stud1200S162-54$4.87
12″ Track1200T125-54$4.35

14 gauge structural metal stud prices per ft

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-68$2.97
3 5/8″ Track362T200-68$2.88
6″ Stud600S162-68$3.87
6″ Track600T200-68$3.78
8″ Stud800S162-68$4.63
8″ Track800T200-68$4.54
10″ Stud1000S162-68$5.38
10″ Track1000T125-68$4.72
12″ Stud1200S162-68$6.14
12″ Track1200T125-68$5.48

Market factors that effect Structural Metal pricing

Several industries are major consumers of steel and drive the biggest demand for steel pricing. These industries include:

  1. Construction: The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of steel, using it in the form of rebar, beams, and other structural components.
  2. Automotive: The automotive industry uses large amounts of steel in the manufacturing of cars and trucks, including in the form of sheet metal, frames, and other parts.
  3. Energy: The energy industry, including oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation, uses steel for pipelines, drilling equipment, and other infrastructure.
  4. Infrastructure: The infrastructure industry, including bridges, highways, and other public works projects, uses steel for structural components.
  5. Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry uses steel in the production of a wide range of products, from appliances and machinery to packaging and consumer goods.
  6. Shipbuilding: The shipbuilding industry uses steel in the construction of ships and other maritime vessels.

Overall, the demand for steel from these industries can vary depending on economic conditions and other factors, but they are the primary drivers of demand for steel pricing in the United States.

Metal vs Wood framing cost

Currently as of May, 2023, a 2 in. x 6 in. x 20 ft pressured tread peace of structural wooden framing is $20.00 at HomeDepot. While the equivalent 20′ x 18 ga stud is $40.40. Wood is still the cheaper upfront cost for construction when applicable.

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