Structural & Drywall Metal Stud Prices – South US December 2023

Metal stud prices are still on the rise as of December 2023. Large manufacturers like ClarkDeitrich, Marino/WARE announce metal Stud prices increases. This is because steel mills like Nucor already are increasing their pricing and moving out production deadlines. The American Steel index has been trending up since mid October. Our prices for the next month are below.

Drywall Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

20 gauge (23 mil EQ20)

3 5/8″ Stud362S125-23$0.63
3 5/8″ Track362T125-23$0.58
6″ Stud600S125-23$0.83
6″ Track600T125-23$0.79

25 Gauge (18 mil)

3 5/8″ Stud362S125-18$0.51
3 5/8″ Track362T125-18$0.47
6″ Stud600S125-18$0.67
6″ Track600T125-18$0.63

Structural Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

14 gauge (68 mil)

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-68$2.18
3 5/8″ Track362T200-68$2.18
6″ Stud600S162-68$2.86
6″ Track600T200-68$2.86
8″ Stud800S162-68$3.40
8″ Track800T200-68$3.40
10″ Stud1000S162-68$4.01
10″ Track1000T200-68$4.01
12″ Stud1200S162-68$4.56
12″ Track1200T200-68$4.56

16 gauge (54 mil)

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-54$1.67
3 5/8″ Track362T200-54$1.67
6″ Stud600S162-54$2.17
6″ Track600T200-54$2.17
8″ Stud800S162-54$2.57
8″ Track800T200-54$2.57
10″ Stud1000S162-54$3.02
10″ Track1000T200-54$3.02
12″ Stud1200S162-54$3.43
12″ Track1200T200-54$3.43

18 gauge (43 mil)

3 5/8″ Stud362S162-43$1.32
3 5/8″ Track362T200-43$1.32
6″ Stud600S162-43$1.71
6″ Track600T200-43$1.71
8″ Stud800S162-43$2.02
8″ Track800T200-43$2.02
10″ Stud1000S162-43$2.37
10″ Track1000T200-43$2.37
12″ Stud1200S162-43$2.69
12″ Track1200T200-43$2.69

Building on a Budget: Metal or Wood Framing – Cost Comparison

As of December 2023, a 2-inch by 6-inch by 20-foot pressure-treated piece of structural wooden framing is priced at around $20.48, whereas a comparable 20-foot, 18-gauge metal stud costs $34.20. If you’re considering a higher-quality alternative, now might be an opportune time to explore the possibility of constructing a metal house. Presently, wood is available at a cost roughly 40% lower, even when using pre-cut materials. However, labor expenses for metal framing are expected to be 10-20% higher. Metal becomes a more competitive choice when utilized in a prefabricated manner, such as in the assembly of wall panels, allowing for house construction at less than $100 per square foot. Nevertheless, wood continues to offer a more economical initial construction cost when it is a suitable option. It is both more cost-effective and user-friendly, albeit susceptible to fire, rot, pests, warping, and shrinkage. Conversely, metal is more straight, uniform, and resistant to rot, but it comes at a higher cost and poses greater challenges during the construction process.

Competitive Service Areas

We provide shipping services across the entire United States and Internationally, with our manufacturing facility situated in New Iberia, Louisiana. While our main focus is on serving the Southern States (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida), we have the capability to ship our products to any location within the United States. Our shipping options include competitive rates and the possibility of convenient pick-up arrangements.

Structural & Drywall Metal Stud Prices – South US December 2023 Project in Rio Hondo, TX

A interior buildout in Rio Hondo, TX, US using US Frame Factory Studs.

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