Metal Framing Kits for Volumetric Modular Construction

US Frame Factory is an experienced manufacturer of metal framing kits for volumetric modular builds. Volumetric modular is the assembly of pre-manufactured, completed sections that are stacked and joined to create a building. Only minimal site work involving the connection of utilities is necessary to complete the building. Metal frame kits consist of pre-cut studs and tracks with screw holes ready for assembly. This preparation lends itself well to repeated modular construction.

Rigging of module of a metal framing kit for modular construction

Benefits of factory Metal Framing in Modular

  • Ease of assembly: Metal kits contain precise length studs, labeled for proper placement, and can be assembled without additional cutting on site. Assembly uses only self tapping screws. You don’t need a traditional “skilled framer” nor a costly framing table.
  • Lighter Weight: Metal studs are lighter with the same or more strength when compared to wood framing. This is a factor as the cost of setting volumetric modules will vary based on how large a crane you have to rent to set your modules.
  • Conduit holes: All conduit holes are pre-punched to allow for plumbing and electrical wiring. Perfect for repeatable module construction.
  • Zero waste: At US Frame Factory we waste only about 2% of material used. Once you line up what type of kit you’re using, waste will be negligible.
  • Fire, Pest and Mold Resistant: Metal is not a food source for insects or rodents, so it is less likely to be damaged by pests. Steel studs are fire-resistant and do not contribute to the spread of flames, making them a good choice for areas with high fire risk. Metal is superior to wood in water and high humidity. Lower insurance rates are possible.

Engineering and Estimation Factors

  • Insulation: Metal studs conduct more easily than their wood counterparts, and have lower R-value, reducing the effectiveness of insulation (thermal bridging) compared to other materials. To improve insulation, additional materials or different wall design may be necessary.
  • Cost: Upfront wood framing is generally less expensive than metal stud framing kits. However you must factor in that metal has a superior ease of assembly, lower insurance rates, and longer product life time. For rental buildings it is usually a better investment to use metal studs as maintaining and refurbishing will be cheaper.
  • Strength Properties: Metal is stronger in tension, wood is stronger in compression due to its compact nature. We reinforce our steel modules with 2×8 wood studs just for transportation and setting. These wood studs are then removed. Click here to learn more about how to rig a Light Gauge Steel Module. You must engineer with lifting the module in mind.

What’s the process of getting a metal framing kit for your Modular build like?

We will look at your existing architectural drawings and give you a broad price range. Then for a small fee, we can draft them on AGACAD Revit software. Once a 3D model is made we will produce an accurate price estimate and draft shop drawings for production. Kits are sent as wall panels or unassembled metal bundles, whatever the client needs. All studs are labeled.

Assembly and Fastening

All metal studs are labeled and fastened together with self-tapping screws. Screw holes are pre-punched allowing stud and track to lock into each other. Multiple screws are added where connections need to be stronger. Assembly can be completed with only using a drill.

Case Example

Checkout this matterport scan of a 3D rural health clinic we built in Louisiana. This was assembled using zero structural welding or red iron. These are the two modules in our warehouse per-transportation.

Need help with your build? Consult us

Here at US Frame Factory we are experienced with modular construction and would be happy to give advice and recommendations to those interested in starting a modular construction company.

Ideal Uses

  • Bathroom Pods
  • Hotel Construction
  • Multi-family Residential
  • Modular Data Centers
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Storage Facilities
  • Modular Bank Buildings
  • Modular Equipment Shelters
  • School Class Room Modules
  • Office Modules
  • Modular Retail Buildings
  • Modular Healthcare Facilities
  • Modular Prison Cells