Introduction To The Smart Home Kit

Smart Home

US Frame Factory and BOXY have collaborating to create The Smart Home Kit. US Frame Factory supplies the efficient recycled steel framing solution, and BOXY provides innovative features to the building unit such as bathroom pods, kitchen cassettes, and other prefabricated components.

The Smart Home is a 1200 sqft micro housing unit. It features two bedrooms and two bathrooms as well an open concept kitchen and living space. The kit comes with precut materials and assembly figures. It can come pre-assembled into panels or as a kit of parts.

Smart Home Model With Porch Framing

US Frame Factory’s Smart Home framing kit is shown here. This is meant to be a high quality affordable home built out of steel. Steel allows for simple assembly, high strength, and durability. – Smart Home Model With Porch Framing – 3D model by Boxy Construction (@boxyconstruction) [19f74eb]

The process for ordering this kit is simple. Reach out to US Frame Factory. First we will work with you to engineer the foundation and building to meet the structural requirements of your local jurisdiction, then the kit goes into fabrication. Once fabrication is done, either you or an installation crew can assemble the building components. It takes a professional crew less than a week to erect and dry in the building.

The building can use plywood sheathing or a product like Litecon sheathing and can be clad with bricks, Hardie board, or really any available system. For superior comfort, we recommend installing a continuous insulation to the exterior of building.

Below are the floor plans for the Smart Home. The porch is optional. A garage can be added to either the left or the right side of the house for easy access.

4 thoughts on “Introduction To The Smart Home Kit”

  1. Aloha, We are very interested in your model The Smart Home. This is perfect for us. Letha and I have purchased two acres in Tombstone Arizona. I grew up in an open living space. First, will you be able to ship the kit to Arizona. Hopefully you can. Next May we have a list on cost to ship, price of kit. We have one thing we would like to work on the foundation. Hopefully things will work out. Thank You

  2. Hello,
    How much would it cost to build the “Smart Home Kit”. Specifically, the steel frame component and install? How much per sqft? Also. the job-site is in Austin TX, please include the shipping cost.

    1. There are a few variables, do you want the kit in panels or the studs that you assemble onsite. If you want it pre-assembled you’d have to pay for two trucks while if you want just the metal. Also depends on the level of finish you want. Send us an email at or give us a call sometime at 337-326-1733 and we can discuss and workout details.

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