Galvanized Sheet Metal / Houston, Louisiana

Source sheet metal or coil from US Frame Factory.

Galvanized Steel Sheets

10-30 Gauge / ASTM A-653

Our cold rolled galvanized steel meets ASTM A-653 with coating options ranging from G30 to G90 is ideal for various industries. It has a smooth, uniform surface and is corrosion-resistant and durable due to the zinc coating. It is perfect for high-stress applications, such as roofing, siding, and structural components, as well as decorative and architectural uses. Our steel meets strict industry standards and undergoes a rigorous quality control process, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in every application.

Galvanized Steel Coils slit to size

10-30 Gauge / ASTM A-653

Having coil slit to sizes anywhere from 1 in to 15 inches are useful for a wide verity of applications. We here at US Frame Factory mainly use it for metal studs. However smaller slit coils can be used for HVAC ducts, trim work. springs.

Common Widths and metal sheet slitting

Master coils are typically 36″,48″ or 60″ width. However they can be processed/split to a desired width based

Hot Rolled vs Cold Rolled Steel?

Hot rolled steel is produced by rolling steel at high temperatures, which can result in a rougher surface and less precise dimensions, but it is generally more ductile and easier to work with. Cold rolled steel is produced at room temperature, which results in a smoother surface and more precise dimensions, but it may be more brittle and harder to work with. Additionally, cold rolled steel tends to have a higher strength-to-weight ratio and better surface finish than hot rolled steel.

Cold Rolled Steel Uses

Cold rolled steel has a wide range of uses due to its excellent surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and high strength-to-weight ratio. Some common applications of cold rolled steel include:

  1. Automotive parts, such as body panels and structural components.
  2. Appliance parts, such as refrigerator shelves and dishwasher interiors.
  3. Construction materials, such as roofing, siding, and metal studs.
  4. Industrial equipment, such as machinery and storage racks.
  5. Pipes and tubing.
  6. Decorative and architectural applications, such as doors and trim.
  7. Packaging, such as cans and containers.
  8. Military and defense applications, such as armor plating and ballistic shielding.

Hot Rolled Steel Uses

Hot rolled steel is often used for applications where dimensional tolerances and surface finish are less critical, but strength and durability are important. Some common uses of hot rolled steel include:

  1. Structural components, such as I-beams, H-beams, and channels.
  2. Railroad tracks and train wheels.
  3. Construction materials, such as metal roofing and framing.
  4. Pipes and tubing for industrial and mechanical applications.
  5. Industrial equipment, such as heavy machinery and mining equipment.
  6. Automotive and truck frames and components.
  7. Agricultural equipment, such as plows and cultivators.
  8. Bridges and highway guardrails.
  9. Shipping containers and large drums.
  10. Storage tanks and pressure vessels.

Hot rolled steel is also commonly used as a starting material for further processing, such as cold rolling, galvanizing, or forming.


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