Self-tapping Screws and Fasteners

We carry a wide verity of screws for metal stud framing. Screws vary based on their application such as attaching plywood, drywall, strapping, sheet metal, or any type of sheeting. Reach out to our Sales Team for more information. Whatever screw you use needs to have pointed “self-tapping” tip to puncture metal. We sell Zeus Fasteners from Kratos Building Products. Expect high quality fasteners at great prices.

Metal to metal connection screws

Short self tapping screws (self drilling) are ideal for metal stud to stud connections. The most common type being a Truss Head Self Drilling Screw, either #8 or #10. These screws have a Phillips Wafer head zinc coated and typically no longer than 3/4″. With a low profile to place plywood/drywall over. Used on interior interior and exterior walls, and headers.

Hex head self-tapping if the sheeting surface is not an issue. Like the truss head screws they’re zinc coated and usually #8 or #10. These are used on roof trusses and floor trusses typically. Hex head screws have excellent grip and are the easiest to drive.

Sheathing Countersunk Self-tapping Screws

When applying plywood, OSB, or exterior or interior gypsum to metal studs you need longer counter sink screws. As the drywall/plywood is typically 1/2″ or 5/8″ typically 1-5/8″ screws are used. These are zinc coated Phillips Drive Flat Head to have a smooth surface the screw must be counter sunk.

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Types of screws and other tools for metal stud framing US Frame Factory offers expedient steel construction framing for commercial/residential projects of any size. Backend automation and steel roll forming technology allow us to manufacture custom metal studs or entire framing kits with 15% less steel waste and 50% less labor. Track and stud purchase is accessible on a user-friendly online portal generating instant quotes.

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