Engineered Metal Trusses

US Frame Factory manufactures metal trusses for roofs and floors with clear spans up to 80 ft and hurricane level wind-loads. Using light weight Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) system we make trusses for commercial/retail buildings and multi-family construction of any size. Trusses are designed custom for each project.

Large Span Metal Roof Trusses

Light-gauge steel metal trusses are a great option vs red-iron and wood-trusses. In comparison with wood trusses, Light-gauge steel can get far larger spans and longer building life. In comparison with structural red-iron light, gauge steel allows for more complex roof shapes.

US Frame Factory uses CAD modeling software to do in-house engineering and provides clients with competitive bids based on plans. Flexible manufacturing allows us to tackle complex roof shapes which wood trusses struggle with. Also, steel is able to span farther versus wood. A unique steel shape allows for a level of stiffness over long lengths. In the end, you have a product with less weight and more strength than is possible with any wood counterpart

This is a 40,000 sf school house modeled with steel trusses. Zoom in close to see the details on the individual members.

steel metal roof trusses by US Frame Factory span up to 80' ft for commercial construction
Metal Trusses for a CarWash in Houston, TX

Back to Back Metal Trusses

us frame factory back to back steel/metal trusses for residential and commercial
House in Lake Charles Louisiana
us frame factory back to back steel/metal trusses for residential and commercial
30 ft span steel trusses used on an affordable housing project in Lafayette, LA.

Using in house steel roll-forming we manufacture metal studs and fabricate steel trusses for commercial and residential use. This is ideal for smaller commercial jobs or simple houses. The profile of the trusses is a simple C-shape exactly like the standard steel studs for walls. Ideally we’re only spanning up to 40′ with this system. This is what a typical steel drawing looks like.

us frame factory back to back steel/metal trusses for residential and commercial

These metal trusses are light-weight. They allow for plenty of HVAC and other piping to be ran as well as a decent sized attic space. On-site assembly is easy with custom clip brackets.

roof truss connection information for connecting back to back metal trusses to walls.
Truss to wall attachment details.

An example of a storefront with back to back trusses and wall-panelized construction. All components prefabricated for on-site construction. To learn more about prefabricated penalization click here.

Flat and Floor Metal Trusses

Flat metal roof trusses are structural components that are designed to support the weight of a flat metal roof. The trusses consist of a series of interconnected triangles that distribute the weight of the roof evenly across the structure. The triangles help to provide stability and prevent any sagging or bending of the roof.

Floor trusses have the ability to accommodate large clear spans without the need for internal columns or supports. This can provide more design flexibility for architects and builders, allowing for open and airy commercial spaces.

Building-in-Austin-TX-using-Flat light gauge steel metal-trusses
Building in Austin TX using Flat Metal Trusses

Light-Gauge Steel Truss Assembly

Back to back trusses and inline trusses are assembled using self tapping screws and hand held drills.

Metal trusses help towards LEED certification

Using metal trusses in a building project can help achieve LEED certification by contributing to sustainable materials, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and reduced waste. Metal trusses are often made from recycled materials, provide clear spans for large spaces, have low risk of mold growth, and are easily recyclable. The specific LEED credits that can be achieved will depend on the overall design and construction of the building project.

Tax incentives are available through LEED. The amount of the deduction varies depending on the level of energy efficiency achieved, but it can be up to $1.80 per square foot for buildings that achieve the highest level of energy efficiency.

Wood vs metal trusses?

Light Gauge Steel Metal Trusses for a metal roof system by US Frame Factory
House in New Orleans using Light-gauge Steel Trusses and interior walls

Metal Trusses

  • Durability: Metal trusses are more durable and long-lasting than wood trusses and can withstand severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Fire Resistance: Metal trusses are non-combustible and provide greater fire resistance than wood trusses.
  • Sustainability: Metal trusses can be made from recycled materials, and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. Use metal trusses to help you get the highest level of LEED certification.

Wood Trusses

  • Cost: Wood trusses are generally less expensive than metal trusses, especially for smaller buildings.
  • Ease of install: The labor force accustomed to working with wood trusses is much large than their metal counter-parts.

Competitive service areas

We ship anywhere in the United States. Our manufacturing location is in New Iberia, Louisiana. Our primary service area are the Southern States(Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida), however we are capable of shipping to anywhere in the United States. We offer competitive shipping rates or pick-up options. Approx. shipping rate for up to 20,000 lbs to these cities.

  • Houston, TX $750
  • Beaumont, TX $550
  • Corpus Christi, TX $1250
  • San Antonio, TX $1250
  • Waco, TX $1200
  • Austin, TX $1150
  • Baton Rouge, LA $400
  • Lafayette, LA Free
  • Lake Charles, LA $450
  • New Orleans, LA $550
  • Shreveport, LA $700
  • Mobile, AL $650
  • Tampa, FL $1950
  • Pensacola, FL $850
  • Tallahassee, FL $1300
  • Orlando, FL $2000
  • Sarasota, FL $2100
  • Miami, FL $2500
us frame factory buy metal studs online service areas map