How To Build Yourself a Long Lasting Home Out of Metal Studs

Build Your Own House

It used to be that when American pioneers would build a home they would use the simplest tool they had, an axe, to craft log cabins. Long gone are those days. Now we have a few options including wood, concrete, steel, or other new innovative materials to build a lasting home. What is an easy way to build by yourself?

Steel pre-assembled panels are a great option for building a house yourself. All the cutting and assembling is done in factory, and all you need to do is put the panels together. This article will cover the steps of deciding, designing, and building a project yourself.


Building a building can be intimidating because if you do it wrong there could be serious financial or life safety issues. Our goal is to make this process easier for you by providing high quality sturdy material and support for you to be able to build for youself. Here’s an example of a simple shed project that comes as panels. All you need to assemble it is an electric screw driver. This is advantageous because you don’t have to have a pneumatic nail gun and air compressor.

Steel is also great for building with for many other reasons. We won’t dive into it here, but you can check out our blog post on why you need to build with steel.

The Process

So what is the process for building a steel home, cottage, tiny home, or steel kit? First you decide whether you would rather build a custom building or select from our pre-designed buildings. You will save money and time if you go with a pre-designed building because we will have done the shop design already. If not, then we work with you to figure out your floor plan. Once the floor plan is decided upon, we hire an engineer to do the structural design. Structural design must be done to ensure the building will meet the rules of the local jurisdiction, so even pre-designed kits must have structural work done on them. At this point you decide if you want a kit of parts or pre-assembled panels. Kit of parts are smaller and ship for cheaper, but panels require less onsite work.

Once the design and engineering is done, it goes into fabrication and our factory builds the parts and panels for your project. After the fabrication is done, we can ship it to you. Before receiving a kit you will need to know what kind of foundation you will build it on. You will also need to know how you plan to stage the parts. If the project is large, you may need a telehandler to unload.

Building a Lasting Home

Finally comes the fun part. You get to put all the parts together. Our team is available to support you as you build. If you have any questions about fasteners or material selection, then please reach out or check our blog for other articles. Erecting the metal frame should be the quick part. It will take time to install plywood sheathing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other parts to this build, but it will be worth it and it will last a long time!

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