BOXY and US Frame Factory : Q1 2022 Update

It’s been a busy few months for me and Mateo. Many ideas we had for BOXY and US Frame Factory came to life in this quarter from shipping our first modular build to supplying steel.

Quarter One Highlights

BOXY successfully transported and set their first modular building in Church Point, Louisiana after months of planning and coordination between crane operators, rigging, and transportation companies.

US Frame Factory did the material take off and supplied custom 35′ light gauge steel for a restaurant coming up in down-town Baton Rouge.

Custom length light gauge steel was supplied to projects in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jackson, Houston, and Lafayette.

Media Involvement

Hacking Construction and Making it Greener – Modular Building Institute

Born and raised in Louisiana, young brothers, Mateo and Tiago Atwi, are eager to – as they put it – “hack the construction industry”. Not in the layperson’s sense of criminal hackers who exploit cyber-security weaknesses, but in the sense commonly used in the tech world: Overcoming obstacles in creative, non-standard ways in order to achieve surprising results.

BOXY: Adopting Technology Early Puts Your Factory On the Path for Production Success

In this Expert Insight we sit down with BOXY CEO Mateo Atwi to discuss the importance of adopting technology early in the lifecycle of your offsite construction business and why technology can set your factory on the path for production success and scale as your business and projects grow.

We were lucky to have BOXY get some media attention this quarter. Special thanks to Dave Cooper, Zena Ryder from, and Offsight for the interviews. Check them out for other innovative content.

Looking forward: Q2 goals

US Frame Factory has finished the design of a steel roof in New Orleans and the steel is under production right now in New Iberia. We are researching kit implementation and have already built one kit. We are hoping to build a few houses next quarter.

BOXY is working on an economic smart home with a client. This build will be affordable and high quality because of manufacturing. We are on schedule to finalize plans and begin manufacturing.

Q2 media

Mateo and I are very excited to be speaking at the world of modular this April, and we will also be on a Developing Lafayette podcast.

Interested in collaborations or touring of BOXY’s factory or job sites? Message us!

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