AdvanT Trusses- A Superior Choice for Your Flooring or Low Slope Roofing

The AdvanT Advantage: Proprietary Chord Profile

In the evolving landscape of commercial construction, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) has become increasingly popular for load-bearing applications due to its light weight and high strength properties. Despite this trend, bar joist and structural steel have remained the standard for flooring solutions. This is largely because CFS trusses have not always delivered the value they should. Enter AdvanT—a Cold Formed Steel truss designed specifically to provide a lightweight, strong, and economical solution for floors and flat roofs. The high efficiency and performance of AdvanT trusses is grounded in their proprietary chord profile.

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Patented chord profile unique to AdvanT trusses.

Anatomy of an AdvanT Floor/Roof Truss

Understanding the structure of a floor truss is essential to appreciating its advantages. The top and bottom chords of AdvanT trusses are made up of their custom cold formed profile, while truss webs are simply C studs. These trusses are engineered with design flexibility in mind, featuring unlimited depth and spacing combinations. This allows for customized solutions tailored to project-specific loading and deflection criteria. Additionally, AdvanT trusses offer the ability to double webs at chord connections, which reduces the need for bracing and increases screw capacity. Single point connections of intermediate webs also reduce shear in chords, thereby decreasing weight and cost. AdvanT trusses perform similarly to bar joists and can be used for both flooring and low slope roofing.

The main elements of a cold-formed steel truss.

Multifamily and Hotel Projects: Accommodating MEP in Open Webbing

One of the standout features of AdvanT trusses is their capacity to accommodate ductwork and other Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems within the webs. This is particularly beneficial for multifamily and hotel projects where space optimization is critical for project success. The flexibility in design ensures that these essential systems can be seamlessly integrated without compromising the structural integrity or aesthetics of the building.

The open webbing of AdvanT trusses allows for the easy installation of ductwork, electrical conduits, and plumbing pipes. This design provides ample space for running utilities horizontally through the trusses without the need for additional support structures or complex routing. For example, in a hotel project, HVAC ducts can be seamlessly threaded through the trusses, eliminating the need for bulkheads or dropped ceilings that can detract from room aesthetics. Truss design can even be adapted to fit the specific needs of the project. This is particularly useful in custom projects where the MEP requirements may vary from floor to floor or even room to room (hospitality, mixed use, etc.)

Open webbing accommodates long, unobstructed runs of many critical systems such as plumbing, electrical, sprinkler systems, hvac ducting, etc.

AdvanT: A Highly Efficient CFS Truss System

AdvanT trusses stand out as the most optimized system for long spans. Their higher center of gravity in chord design increases truss efficiency and reduces costs. Moreover, AdvanT trusses offer the best value/price for Cold Formed Steel trusses compared to other proprietary shapes, C-stud, or even when compared to traditional structural steel bar joists. For the most up-to-date detailed information, refer to the span table and truss connection examples available directly from AdvanT.

Example detail of AdvanT in C-Stud Joist Application with Top Chord Bearing Connection.

Achieve 20-30’ Spans with AdvanT Trusses Compared to 20’ or Under with Joists

AdvanT trusses provide longer span lengths of 20-30 feet, significantly surpassing the 20 feet or less achievable with traditional joists. This capability is coupled with several advantages:

  • Less Floor Bounce: Braced truss geometry effectively reduces floor bounce, enhancing the overall stability and comfort of the structure.
  • Enhanced Design Freedom: Architects and engineers have greater flexibility to design open, expansive spaces without the constraints imposed by shorter spans or the addition of obstructing support elements like columns.
  • Customizable End-Bearing Conditions: AdvanT trusses can be tailored to project-specific requirements with customizable end-bearing conditions, including top-chord, mid-chord, and ledger-supported connections.
Trusses allow for long span lengths.

AdvanT Trusses and CFS Framing for Your Project

Choosing AdvanT trusses for your flooring or low slope roof applications offers numerous benefits over traditional bar joists and structural steel. From accommodating essential building systems within the truss webs to providing longer spans and enhanced design flexibility, AdvanT trusses are designed to meet the demands of modern construction efficiently and economically. These trusses are often a great choice for multifamily and hotel projects.

Here at US Frame Factory, we use proprietary material manufactured by AdvanT to build the AdvanT trusses you need for your construction project. We are confident that AdvanT trusses will provide a superior solution for your construction needs. For additional information about truss design see our page about custom truss design. If you need more information about the cold formed steel framing elements you need for your project contact us today.

AdvanT trusses on-site ready for installation.