Buy Metal Studs, Trusses, and Wall Panels

Structural Metal Stud Prices Per Linear Foot

14 gauge (68 mil)

362S162-683 5/8″ Stud$1.95
362T200-683 5/8″ Track$1.95
400S162-684″ Stud$2.07
400T200-684″ Track$2.07
600S162-686″ Stud$2.52
600T200-686″ Track$2.52
800S162-688″ Stud$3.00
800T200-688″ Track$3.00
1000S162-6810″ Stud$3.56
1000T200-6810″ Track$3.56
1200S162-6812″ Stud$4.05
1200T200-6812″ Track$4.05

16 gauge (54 mil)

362S162-543 5/8″ Stud$1.51
362T200-543 5/8″ Track$1.51
400S162-544″ Stud$1.60
400T200-544″ Track$1.60
600S162-546″ Stud$1.94
600T200-546″ Track$1.94
800S162-548″ Stud$2.30
800T200-548″ Track$2.30
1000S162-5410″ Stud$2.73
1000T200-5410″ Track$2.73
1200S162-5412″ Stud$3.10
1200T200-5412″ Track$3.10

18 gauge (43 mil)

362S162-433 5/8″ Stud$1.25
362T200-433 5/8″ Track$1.25
400S162-434″ Stud$1.32
400T200-434″ Track$1.32
600S162-436″ Stud$1.60
600T200-436″ Track$1.60
800S162-438″ Stud$1.89
800T200-438″ Track$1.89
1000S162-4310″ Stud$2.24
1000T200-4310″ Track$2.24
1200S162-4312″ Stud$2.54
1200T200-4312″ Track$2.54

Drywall Metal Stud Pricing Per Linear Foot

20 gauge (18 mil EQ20)

3 5/8″ Stud362S125-18$0.47
3 5/8″ Track362T125-18$0.43
6″ Stud600S125-18$0.62
6″ Track600T125-18$0.58

25 Gauge (15 mil)

3 5/8″ Stud362S125-18$0.43
3 5/8″ Track362T125-18$0.40
6″ Stud600S125-18$0.56
6″ Track600T125-18$0.52

US Frame Factory provides efficient steel framing solutions for commercial and residential projects. Custom metal studs and CAD-based kits use less steel and labor. Buy through our user-friendly online portal with instant quotes. Reach out to us on our contact page.

Why buy metal studs from US Frame Factory?

  • Instant quotes: With our online generator. No emails or phone calls needed.
  • Industry fastest lead times: we can fulfill custom length orders typically in under a week.
  • 100% custom lengths: Lengths up to 45′ with accuracy to the 1/16th”. Save time on-site and eliminate cut off waste.
  • Online order tracking: Use our online interface to track your orders
  • Panelizing and other value added operations. Panelizing can save up to 50% of the build time.

Competitive Service Areas

We ship anywhere in the United States. Our manufacturing location is in New Iberia, Louisiana. Our primary service area are the Southern States(Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida); however, we are capable of shipping to anywhere in the United States. We offer competitive shipping rates or pick-up options.

Approximate shipping rate for up to 18,000 lbs to these cities:

  • Houston, TX $750
  • Beaumont, TX $550
  • Corpus Christi, TX $1250
  • San Antonio, TX $1250
  • Dallas, TX $1200
  • Austin, TX $1150
  • Baton Rouge, LA $400
  • Lafayette, LA Free
  • Lake Charles, LA $450
  • New Orleans, LA $550
  • Shreveport, LA $700
  • Mobile, AL $650
  • Tampa, FL $1950
  • Pensacola, FL $850
  • Tallahassee, FL $1300
  • Orlando, FL $2000
  • Sarasota, FL $2100
  • Miami, FL $2500

Engineering & Estimation

Need help with engineering or estimation for a job? Contact us and we can look at plans with estimation software to help with material take-offs or assist with engineering. We have supplied metal studs in multi-family, commercial storefronts, medical clinics, storage facilities, and more. For material submittals and sizing check out this page.

What other services do we offer?

Framing Kits – Transportable precut CAD framing packages. Check out our Steel Frame Residential Home Cost Calculator for a quick estimate.
Floor & roof trusses – 50% faster dry in and frame time.

Current Capacity:

Our steel roll-formers are able to process 1-5/8″ to 14″ web sizes and flange sizes from 1-1/4″ to 3-1/2″ in gauges 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28. We have non-structural drywall studs and structural metal studs. Other material we have provide: Hex Head and Philips Self-tapping Screws | Unistrut Channel | Sheet Metal | Metal Strapping | Steel Coils | Sheet Metal.